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June 17, 1993


Here are tips, offered by wildlife experts, to follow if you find a baby bird:

-- If you find a baby bird on the ground, do not touch it immediately. Watch it for a while. Nine times out of 10 the mother bird will be tending to her youngster.

-- If you see that the bird has been abandoned and is very young (few feathers, little movement) try to locate the nest. If the nest can be found, returning the bird to the nest is a possibility. The parents will not reject a bird that has been handled as legend dictates. In fact, birds have a very poor sense of smell.

-- Take extreme care in handling a bird. Damage to the skeleton through stress is a strong possibility when holding a young bird. Only handle the bird when absolutely necessary.

-- If the nest cannot be found for the bird, before handling it call a wildlife rehabilitation center. Wildcare 542-1200 or Operation Wildlife 542-3625.

-- Do not treat a bird before contacting these organizations. Birds are fragile creatures and what seems like sensible treatment may be more damaging than helpful.

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