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June 17, 1993


Let's hope City Forester George Osborne is able to keep the shrubs, bushes and trees along the north end of Buford M. Watson Jr. Park. Workers now are starting work on the controversial piece of sculpture called "Confluence," and perhaps the greenery will help hide what only some tend to think is a handsome piece of sculpture.

It's unknown whether city officials plan to place a fence around the concrete, stone and metal work, but children are sure to climb the piece and perhaps fall off, exposing the city to possible lawsuits. If children are not allowed to climb on the old train engine a bit south of this sculpture, it would seem reasonable to think fencing also should be placed around the sculpture. Likewise, "Confluence" is likely to become a favorite target of paint jobs, and fencing would help protect the piece.

Lawrence has been recognized as an official "Tree City," and the Watson Park site certainly is one place where trees are badly needed to soften and shield the sculpture from passing motorists and pedestrians.

Now is not the time to yank out the attractive trees and plantings at the north end of the park along Sixth Street.

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