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June 12, 1993


A hearing has been scheduled in Douglas County District Court on a prosecutor's motion to try a 16-year-old Lawrence boy as an adult on charges alleging he attacked two people with a bat on May 28 at Centennial Park.

District Judge Mike Malone set the hearing for June 21 for Donald Criss Eteeyan, who earlier this week was named on a juvenile complaint containing two allegations of aggravated battery.

Eteeyan allegedly struck a 21-year-old rural Lawrence man in the head and legs with a bat.

Authorities reported that the attack occurred after a car driven by Eteeyan struck a parked car at a Centennial Park parking lot where several people had gathered. A member of the crowd broke the rear window of Eteeyan's car with a bat, police said.

Eteeyan reportedly parked the car, got out with a bat and hit the 21-year-old man and another crowd member.

According to district court records, Eteeyan has been named on at least four other juvenile complaints in 1993 alleging offenses that would be classified as felonies were he tried as an adult.

On Feb. 14, he was named on a complaint alleging aggravated assault after he reportedly pointed a BB gun at a Lawrence woman on Feb. 7. On April 30, he stipulated -- the juvenile equivalent of pleading guilty -- to that offense. A disposition hearing, which is the juvenile equivalent of sentencing, is scheduled for Sept. 3.

On March 19, Eteeyan was named on a complaint alleging unlawful discharge of a firearm alleging he fired a gun into a Eudora family's home. He stipulated to that charge on April 30, and disposition is set for Sept. 3.

Two complaints naming Eteeyan were filed on April 19 -- one for aggravated battery and the other for aggravated assault. The aggravated battery offense was filed after Eteeyan allegedly confronted a local teen-ager while armed with a handgun on March 1.

The aggravated assault case alleged that Eteeyan threatened or attempted to harm the same victim on Dec. 26 while armed with a handgun.

Both cases were dismissed as part of a stipulation agreement.

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