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July 23, 1993


Q: The intersection of Second and McDonald seems to be quite congested for vehicles wishing to turn left to go east and west. What I'd like to know is why left-turn lanes can't be marked on the pavement? It seems to be of sufficient width.

A: City Engineer Terese Gorman said the city and Kansas Turnpike Authority were planning $300,000 worth of improvements at the intersection, to include new traffic signals with left-turn signals.

The plans also call for widening the intersection to include room for turn lanes, she said. Currently there is only one lane of traffic, with drivers on McDonald often swerving onto wide shoulders to avoid cars waiting to turn left onto Second.

While the project will include marked turn lanes on McDonald, the turnpike authority will consider painting turn lanes earlier, said Rod Fogo, chief engineer manager for the turnpike authority in Wichita.

"We'd much prefer to have left-turn lanes, if possible," Fogo said.

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