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July 7, 1993


A week of vacation that didn't include a single live sporting event -- unless you count chasing a 2 1/2-year-old around Sea World -- gave me time to think a few things over...

...Wimbledon proceeded without a single rain delay. Too bad the odds against that happening to the Al Ice Invitational baseball tournament are off the board.

...The major-league baseball playoffs are expanding to include second-place teams. So what? The major leagues already include the New York Mets.

...Columnists around the country are standing in line to berate the San Diego Padres for cheapening major-league baseball by peddling their high-paid players at bargain-basement prices. Isn't that a little like ripping Kmart for cheapening discount houses by having blue-light specials?

...By the way, when was the last time you were at Kmart and heard them announce a blue-light special?

...A MAN HAS reached terms to buy the Missouri Mustangs of the Women's Basketball Assn. The terms: $750 down, $7,000 in the next 30 days. Total price: $35,000, unless he pays the balance before January, 1994, in which case the price would drop to $28,000. I guess if you can't pony up the $100 million to enter the running for an NBA team...

...I don't care if he is 7-6 and does have some skills, Shawn just looks too dorky to be the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft.

...A story in Sunday's Journal-World told of the necessity of wearing sunscreen during the summer, warning that "A day at the beach can be fun in the sun, but too much sun without protection can increase the risk of skin damage later in life." Next thing you know some crackpot will claim smoking causes lung cancer.

...DID YOU SEE the video of the Marlins-Mets game last week when it took something like 13 minutes to get the tarp on the field? It wasn't the Marlins' fault -- Joe Robbie Stadium employs the grounds crew. Now, in exchange for selling his interest in the Miami Dolphins, Marlins owner H. Wayne Huizenga wants to buy the stadium. I wonder if he has any personnel changes in mind?

...Paul Molitor had a great quote recently about his specially built treadmill that goes as fast as 20 miles per hour. "If you set it for 20, you've got to go 20 miles an hour or you'll wind up like George Jetson." Jane, stop this crazy thing...

...Did the Tour de France lose something when Greg LeMond pulled out? Like America's interest?

...Oakland's Rickey Henderson led off both games of Monday's doubleheader against the Cleveland Indians with a home run. Could've happened to a nicer guy.

...WHEN A college football opening comes up, Glen Mason is mentioned. When a big-time basketball job opens, Roy Williams is a favorite. Clemson baseball coach Bill Wilhelm has retired. Is Dave Bingham a candidate?

...Accidents happen. A while back, the Durham Bulls retired No. 18 in tribute to Joe Morgan, who really wore No. 8. Not long after, on a trip to Las Vegas, J-W associate news editor John Taylor bet a couple of bucks on the roulette wheel, picking Lou Brock's No. 21. Brock wore No. 20. Taylor lost.

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