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January 28, 1993


During a marathon meeting that lasted until early this morning, the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission unanimously approved a proposal to build a shopping center anchored by a Hy-Vee Food Store at the northwest corner of Kasold Drive and Clinton Parkway.

Action to approve the center came near 2:30 a.m. today during a commission meeting that lasted more than nine hours running from 6:30 p.m. Wednesday to 3:40 a.m. today.

Plans for the center will be considered by the Lawrence City Commission on Feb. 16.

Hy-Vee representatives said if the city commission approves the plan, construction could begin in June, with the grocery store opening in April or May 1994.

The 65,000-square-foot food store would anchor a center that would contain an additional 48,000 square feet of space for retail shops, plus two pad sites adjacent to Clinton Parkway.

The commission unanimously approved rezoning about 25.9 acres from neighborhood shopping, residence office and single-family residential to planned commercial development.

THE COMMISSION unanimously approved the preliminary and final development plans for the center. It will include six buildings, 454 off-street parking spaces for the grocery store, 206 parking spaces for the retail center and 71 parking spaces for the free-standing commercial buildings.

It calls for extending 22nd Street so it would curve west from Kasold and south to Hartford Avenue, just north of where Hartford connects to Clinton Parkway. The new street would provide northern and western entrances to the shopping center.

Neighbors expressed general support for the project. However, some were worried about excess lighting caused by the shopping center and traffic the center would generate.

Roger Schenewerk of Landplan Engineering said Hy-Vee would be willing to help pay for a traffic signal at the intersection of 22nd Street and Kasold Drive if the city finds that a traffic light is needed.

Schenewerk said lighting at the center would be atop 35-foot poles and would be shaded to direct light down.

THE COMMISSION also took action on these items:

Consent agenda:

Deferred, at the request of the applicant, the final plat of Deerfield Woods Subdivision No. 2, a 149-lot single-family residential subdivision containing about 43 acres. The property is north of Peterson Road, south of the Kansas Turnpike, and west of the Hallmark plant, along Arrowhead Drive (extended north). It was submitted by EBH & Associates for Cheer Pole Co. Ltd., Kai Wai K. Wong, chair, property owner of record.

Unanimously ratified the revised final plat of Valley View No. 3, which was approved with conditions by the Lawrence City Commission on Jan. 12. The plat contains 24 single-family lots and one residence-office lot.

Regular agenda:

Unanimously approved the final plat of Lake Estates Subdivision No. 5, a replat of Lot 3, Lake Estates Subdivision No. 3. The plat contains six lots and Tract A on 8.6 acres. The property is south of Yankee Tank Overlook, on the east side of Kanwaka Township Road 54 (Corps Road). It was submitted by Landplan Engineering for JRE Investments Inc. Jim R. Ellena, JRE Investments president, is the property owner.

Unanimously decided to initiate rezoning from A (agricultural) to RS-1 (single-family residence) the following: Goff property at 3200 Nieder Road; Spain property on the northeast corner of 33rd Street and Nieder Road; and Embers property on 501 North Street. Unanimously decided to initiate rezoning from B-2 (general business) to C-4 (general commercial) the following: Williams property (Mark's Veterinary Clinic) at 3115 Iowa.

Unanimously approved the final development plan for Walgreen's (West) PCD-2. The plan depicts the proposed site layout, parking and landscaping for a 13,000-square-foot Walgreen's drug store to be developed on the southeast corner of Sixth Street and Kasold Drive.

UNANIMOUSLY approved a request to rezone 1.375 acres from PCD-2 (planned commercial development) to PCD-1 (planned commercial development). The property is on the north side of 23rd Street between Louisiana and Ohio streets. It was initiated by the city commission at its Dec. 15 meeting. The property owners are Donald W. Potter and Lloyd Hale.

Unanimously approved the preliminary development plan for a proposed Walgreen's Store (East) on the northeast corner of 23rd and Louisiana. The plan includes the existing Potter's and Hertz properties as well as those lots adjacent on the north recently rezoned to PCD-2, and depicts the proposed site layout, parking and landscaping.

On a 6-4 vote, turned down a conditional use permit request to locate a Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems transmission tower about one-half mile west of Douglas County Route 1029 and north of County Road N750 on the west side of County Road E500. It was submitted by Landplan Engineering for Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems Inc. The property owners of record are Donald D. and Jo Ann Dalquest. Although Southwestern Bell cut the tower from what was to be its original height of 300 feet to 194 feet, about 20 area neighbors objected. A major concern was that the tower would detract from the aesthetics of the area.

UNANIMOUSLY approved a use-permitted-upon-review permit for a day-care center at 201 Perry in North Lawrence. The proposal is for a full-day child care program, which would accommodate 58 children, ages 3 through 6. It was submitted by May Contractors Inc. for John and Helen Scanlan and Jerry and Jane May, property owners.

Unanimously approved a use-permitted-upon-review permit to move Children's Learning Center to 205 N. Mich. It was submitted by Stan Hernly Architects for Children's Learning Center, contract purchaser from Raymond E. and Helyn S. Agee, property owners of record.

Unanimoulsy decided to defer until the Feb. 24 meeting the addition of a shop to the approved conditional use permit for Martin Marietta Aggregates. The shop would be used for mobile equipment maintenance, parts and supplies storage and as an employee facility. It was requested by Darcy Baker on behalf of Martin Marietta Aggregates.

Unanimously approved a revised preliminary development plan and final plan for Monterey PCD-1, on the northwest corner of Sixth Street and Monterey Way. The revised plan affects the multifamily portion of the property by increasing the number of dwelling units from 108 to 148 in a mixture of one- and two-story buildings. It was submitted by Landplan Engineering for Michael D. and Sharon K. Stultz, property owners.

UNANIMOUSLY deferred a request to rezone 4.26 acres from RS-1 (single-family residence) to PRD-2 (planned residential development). The property is north of the Kansas Turnpike on the west side of North Michigan Street. It was requested by Landplan Engineering for Charles H. and Loretta N. Dunbar, property owners.

Unanimously deferred a preliminary development plan for Pikes Peek Place, a planned residential development that would be north of the Kansas Turnpike and west of North Michigan Street. The development plan shows five duplexes, one triplex with laundry and nine four-plex buildings, for a total of 49 dwelling units. It was submitted by Landplan Engineering for Charles H. and Loretta N. Dunbar, property owners.

Unanimously deferred until the Feb. 24 meeting a public hearing on a draft of the Eastern Parkway Corridor Land Use Plan.

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