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January 26, 1993


Q: I'd like to know if they can do anything about the problem with snow clearing. When they clear the streets, they pile it up in driveways. How can old people get out if they can't shovel their driveways?

A: ``Well, that's a problem,'' said George Williams, the city's public works director. ``It's a legitimate concern of ours, as well as those people who we plow in. As far as I know, there is no real good solution for it.''

Whenever possible on Naismith Drive and Lawrence Avenue north of Sixth Street, for example snow is plowed to the center of roads to help prevent driveway blockages, Williams said.

But because not all of Lawrence's 250 miles of roads have medians or center turn lanes to accommodate the piles of snow, some people inevitably get snowed in.

``We just don't have enough men and equipment to go around and open up all the driveways,'' he said.

If a senior citizen's driveway is blocked, help can be found by calling Douglas County Senior Services. The agency refers calls for help to a list of people willing to shovel for money, through Project Earn.

Another project, Operation Snowshovel, matches corporate volunteers with senior citizens who can't shovel themselves and cannot pay to have it done. The volunteers are required only to clear a path from the front door to the street, but some have been known to shovel driveways and back porches, said Lanaea Heine, who coordinates the program through the Corporate Volunteer Council of Douglas County.

People interested in registering for Operation Snowshovel can call DCSS for more information, 842-0543.

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