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January 8, 1993


Law enforcement report

Burglaries and thefts reported

Computer equipment, three compact discs, two cassette players, a compact disc player and a basketball ticket were taken between 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Monday from an apartment in the 1700 block of Kentucky, Lawrence police reported today. The items were valued on a police report at $2,243.

Injury accidents

Charles E. Smith, 42, 2522 Redbud Ln., was treated at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and later released after an accident at 1:45 p.m. Thursday on Kentucky just south of 11th. Lawrence police reported that Smith was riding in a northbound car driven by Sara Winsett, 30, 2522 Redbud Ln., that collided with another northbound car driven by Susan Anderson, 33, 3213 Trail Rd. Winsett was cited for making an improper lane change.

Marriage licenses issued

Rodney Heying, 22, Lawrence, and Anne Blackmore, 22, Lawrence.

Chad Martin, 23, Eudora, and Lisa Walawander, 23, Eudora.

Shawn Veer, 25, Lawrence, and Victoria Rubin, 30, Lawrence.

George Stupas, 38, Lawrence, and Monica Miller, 35, Lawrence.

Gregory Reeves, 19, Lawrence, and Angel Reusch, 20, Lawrence.

Larry Bethel, 41, Lawrence, and Laura Pace, 32, Independence, Mo.

James Smith, 70, Eudora, and Bernadine O'Neal, 67, Eudora.

Christophe Boucher, 26, Lawrence, and Toni Sawick, 22, Lawrence.

Luis Santos, 25, Lawrence, and Kelly Reynolds, 24, Lawrence.

Grant Lowe, 21, Lawrence, and Soundra Wayland, 23, Lawrence.

Steve King, 25, Lawrence, and Camille Anderson, 23, Lawrence.

David Carey, 27, Lawrence, and Carmelita Rodriguez, 22, Lawrence.

William Fair, 43, Lawrence, and Kathleen Gentry, 38, Lawrence.

Steve Jacob, 21, Perry, and Sandra Oshel, 21, Perry.

Arden Gray, 48, Lawrence, and Mary Woodruff, 48, Lawrence.

Nathan Howe, 20, Lawrence, and Jennifer Auld, 18, Eskridge.

Frank Millick, 29, Louisa, Va., and Kristen Henderson, 28, Louisa, Va.

Scott Diel, 24, Lawrence, and Cathleen Karl, 23, Harrisonville, Mo.

Brent Carpenter, 28, Lawrence, and Susan Stremel, 38, Lawrence.

Richard Hines, 22, Lawrence, and Amy Rottinghaus, 21, Lawrence.

Larry Carter, 42, Lawrence, and Diana Shrader, 37, Lawrence.

Robert Campanini, 28, Lawrence, and Charisse Bench, 29, Lawrence.

Alex Cape, 22, Lawrence, and Sandra McCollum, 21, Lawrence.

Mark Hummel, 24, Topeka, and Gina Meier, 24, Topeka.

Paulo Villaca, 26, Lawrence, and Kristina Johansen, 23, Lawrence.

Kenneth Nelson, 22, Lawrence, and Gail Gish, 21, Lawrence.

Robert Dome, 34, Oskaloosa, and Dolores Esquivel, 45, Oskaloosa.

Jeff Shrum, 24, Pleasanton, and Amy Smith, 22, Everest.

Scott Stewart, 30, Lawrence, and Berthenzen Shadreck, 28, Francis Town, Botswana.

Darren Glaser, 22, Lawrence, and Kyla Young, 21, Lawrence.

Craig Bledsoe, 26, DeSoto, and Cynthia Orand, 27, DeSoto.

Antonio Shepherd, 37, Lawrence, and Aretha Gomiller, 26, Lawrence.

Thomas Seiler, 40, Houston, and Kristin Hermes, 34, Houston.

Matthew Sears, 26, Lawrence, and Mary Ellen Henderson, 28, Mission.

William Biles, 40, Overland Park, and Amy McCart, 27, Lawrence.

Robert Presgrove, 19, San Antonio, Tex., and Deanna Wachs, 18, Lawrence.

Steven Scharff, 22, Lawrence, and Jennifer Weeks, 20, Lawrence.

Glenn Wallace, 43, Topeka, and Jennifer Stephens, 21, Topeka.

Tab Hinz, 35, Lawrence, and Cherlyn Wallmeier, 24, Lawrence.

Alan Wisdom, 35, Bethesda, Md., and Esther Hagen, 32, Washington, D.C.

James Wardell, 35, Lawrence, and Snow White, 35, Lawrence.

Christopher Frank, 24, Shawnee, and Miza DeHoff, 23, Tonganoxie.

Brian Walter, 27, Lawrence, and Debra Wulf, 26, Lawrence.

Kevin Robb, 19, Lawrence, and Kimberly Abel, 18, Perry.

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