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February 26, 1993


Several program review recommendations regarding Kansas University facilities planning areas recently were instituted by KU Chancellor Gene Budig.

Under a reorganization plan recently announced to the university's vice chancellors, the responsibilities of Allen Wiechert, university director of facilities planning, Rodger Oroke, university director of support services, and Dick Mann, university director of information resources, were changed.

"These changes reflect the spirit of the recommendations of the noninstructional program review," Budig said. "This reorganization plan allows the best use of personnel given the fiscal constraints the university faces."

As part of the program review recommendations, more than $3 million will be transferred from noninstructional to instructional pursuits during the next three years.

Key elements of the reorganization include the following:

A Department of Capital Programs is being established, headed by Wiechert. The unit will be responsible for design projects with a value of more than $500,000 on all KU campuses. The department will be staffed by five Office of Facilities Planning employees from the Lawrence and Medical Center campuses with responsibilities that include long-range capital planning, interaction with the Board of Regents and state of Kansas architects, selection of architects-engineers and administration of projects.

The Office of Facilities Planning, the Department of Facilities Operations and the Parking Department at the Medical Center and Lawrence campuses will be part of the Department of Facilities Management, headed by Oroke. Offices at each campus will be responsible for construction design projects of less than $500,000 and all construction management.

Mann will head a newly formed Department of Administration that will serve as an umbrella organization for the Department of Facilities Management and Department of Capital Programs.

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