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February 26, 1993


ZIP codes for about 1,000 Douglas County residents have changed because of a change in the rural addressing system.

Bill Lawrence, manager of the main Lawrence post office at Seventh and Vermont, said county customers whose ZIP codes had changed were notified four to six weeks ago by the post office.

Under the new system, the 66047 and 66049 ZIP codes will be used for county addresses, in addition to the 66044 and 66046 codes that already were being used.

Lawrence said the change stems from boundaries set up by the post office that roughly follow an extension of city ZIP code boundries.

Under the new system, the east-west dividing line south of the city will be U.S. Highway 59 at the southern edge of the city and Douglas County Road 1300E in the southern part of the county.

Residents east of that line will use the 66046 ZIP code and those living west of it will use 66047.

Another dividing line is between county roads 1400N and 1500N, west of the city. Residents north of that line will use 66049, and those south of the line will use 66047.

On the east side of the city, residents north of about 1600N and the Kansas River will use 66044 and those south of that line will use 66046.

Lawrence said the boundries are approximate.

"If people are unsure they should call us" at 843-1681, he said.

Here is a list of route numbers under the old addressing system and changes under the new system, according to Lawrence: Route 1 changes from 66044 to 66049; Route 2 remains unchanged at 66046; Route 3 remains unchanged at 66044; Route 4 remains unchanged at 66044; Route 5 changes from 66046 to 66047; some of the Route 6 area changes from 66046 to 66047, while another section remains unchanged at 66046; Route 7 changes from 66044 to 66049.

A new rural address system was instituted in the county in December in conjunction with an enhanced 911 system, which officials say should be ready by early March.

Under the new system, Douglas County Residents' addresses are listed according to numbers and county roads, rather than simply route numbers.

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