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February 26, 1993


Cheryl Harrod leaned on her shovel and smiled as she surveyed the white landscape in her neighborhood.

"I think it's kind of a surprise," said Harrod, an administrative assistant at Kansas University's School of Education. "I honestly don't think people thought it would be as big a snow as it is."

Lawrence's eight-inch snowfall brought dozens of people outdoors Thursday afternoon to shovel out cars and clear driveways and sidewalks. Some cleared their own and neighbors' drives, while others used the opportunity to make some cold cash.

Harrod, who lives at 2913 W. 26th, was among the novices at the art of blading a driveway but she said it was fun.

"IT'S INTERESTING because I don't normally shovel the driveway," Harrod said, explaining that some neighbors had driven by and grinned at her.

"They must think I'm a real yahoo to be out her shoveling," she said. "But it's great therapy, instant gratification. You see a mound of snow and then you can swipe it away."

Like several local residents, Mike Stone, 2426 Ridge Ct., picked up a shovel when got he got home from work Thursday.

Stone, manager of Pywackets Cafe, had a helper his 3-year-old daughter, Micheala, had her own tiny plastic snow shovel.

Stone said he was surprised the city had another major snowfall, following a 10-inch dumping that came Jan. 10.

"I thought it was over already for some reason," he said. "It's strange."

A few blocks away, Leslie Marsh, 2512 Atchison, said she was getting cold as she cleared her driveway of the 12 inches that drifted in. And she was about ready to go inside again to check on her children.

"I HAVE the older one watching the younger one while I attempt this project," she said. She laughed when asked how she liked the snow.

"I liked it better when I was a kid," she said.

Some local residents, such as Harold Pearce, 1010 W. 27th, traded in shovels for borrowed snowblowers.

"It's wonderful," Pearce said. "I don't know how many hours it would take me to do this. But I've been working on this driveway for 10 minutes and it's almost passable."

Pearce said everyone in his neighborhood pitched in to clear the snow.

"All the kids in the neighborhood were out shoveling each other's driveways. It was really neat," he said.

Others were using the snowfall to make some extra money.

On Sagebrush Drive, Roger Long, 1415 Brook, had just finished clearing a driveway with the box blade on his 600 Ford tractor.

"I'M JUST doing this for a couple of friends," Long said. "I've done about five drives. . . . I'm out of work right now, so I'm trying to keep busy."

Long said he lined up the jobs through a friend and had been knocking on doors.

"I've just been out a short time," he said. "There's a lot of tractors around. It looks like they've been busy doing major businesses, like the Furr's parking lot, doing a lot of those."

Long said he can clear out a driveway in about 10 minutes, depending on the slope of the driveway, and he was charging $10 a job.

"A friend of mine rented a snowblower and was charging $20 a drive and he was making a lot of money off that," Long said.

Two brothers, Michael and Kevin Grob, 1610 W. 27th, also were out making some money as snow shovelers, using the day off from school productively.

THEY WERE clearing a sidewalk in their neighborhood late Thursday afternoon.

"We've done about five driveways so far today," said Michael, a 17-year-old Lawrence High School student. "It's not hard. It's a little bit of a strain on the back."

Two other LHS juniors, Ryan Robinson, 3140 Campfire, and Adam Brock, 1585 Eldorado Dr., were out to raise money for their spring break trips by shoveling the white stuff.

"This is our first one and we've got three more to go," Robinson said as he worked on a concrete stairway at 1824 W. 28th. The work is tough it takes about an hour to remove the snow and scrape the stairs clean, they said.

"It's manual labor," Brock said, laughing as he leaned on his shovel a model with an ergonomically bent handle. "Actually, my mom bought this. This is kind of new deal. I don't know if it's easier on your back. I still do a lot of bending over."

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