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February 17, 1993


In last November's elections, measures to limit the terms of office for various public officeholders were approved in every state in which they were on the ballot.

If the public favors term limitations on U.S. congressmen and senators, as well as state legislators, is it reasonable to think the public shares these same thoughts about local officeholders, such as city commissioners, county commissioners and school board members?

There are strong arguments that can be used to debate either side of the question, but, again, in every state where voters were given the opportunity to vote on this question last November, term limitations were approved, often by wide margins.

The question of term limitations for Congress is to be reviewed by the Supreme Court, but it is clear the public thinks the benefits of term limitations far outnumber any negatives associated with limiting the number of terms an officeholder should remain in office.

Would city and county voters apply the same reasoning to local officeholders?

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