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February 9, 1993


Q: Why is there not a sidewalk on Kasold between Sixth and Princeton streets?

A. City Manager Mike Wildgen pointed out that Princeton Boulevard does not intersect with Kasold Drive. Princeton does hook into Peterson Road, which intersects with Kasold.

Wildgen said the main reason the stretch of Kasold from Sixth to Peterson doesn't include sidewalks is that the street was built as a county road.

"At the time it was built, it didn't require sidewalks," Wildgen said. "There are lots of streets in town that don't have sidewalks where it would be good to have sidewalks."

The city currently devotes sidewalk construction dollars to filling shorter gaps in stretches of sidewalk, he said.

"I don't expect there to be a sidewalk there in the near future unless there is a lot of interest from those residents," he said.

If residents on Kasold want a sidewalk built along the street, city staff would help them start a petition to create a benefit district, Wildgen said. In a benefit district, residents would assume all or part of the cost of sidewalk construction.

Q: When will the Douglas County Courthouse consider a metal detector as a basic safety precaution before we have a disaster?

A: A metal detector occasionally is used outside courtrooms in the Douglas County Judicial and Law Enforcement Center, where hearings and trials are held. The center also houses the police and sheriff's departments, district attorney's office and court offices. Douglas County Sheriff Loren Anderson said the decision to use a metal detector outside a courtroom rests with the judge presiding over the case. He said the devices usually are used in cases involving violent crimes, or if a party thinks the potential exists for a threatening situation. Anderson said officials have discussed increasing security in the center, but have seen no pressing need for such security at present. A metal detector is not used at the Douglas County Courthouse, which houses county offices and motor vehicle registration records.

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