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February 5, 1993


Traffic lights could be added at the intersection of Sixth Street and Monterey Way, but not before the state approves the plans because the intersection is on a federal highway, City Engineer Terese Gorman said.

The Traffic Safety Commission will consider a request Monday to add lights at the intersection, which has enough traffic flow to merit the improvement, Gorman said.

Michael Stultz, owner of a construction business on West Sixth, said he was making the request on behalf of residents of the Monterey subdivision, who have complained of increased traffic.

But because Sixth Street also is a federal highway, U.S. 40, the Kansas Department of Transportation would have to approve any changes, Gorman said.

To get things going, the city could send its traffic data to KDOT for review, said George Williams, the city's public works director.

``If a signal is warranted, and, if KDOT approves it, the city commission still has to approve the funding,'' Williams said.

The Traffic Safety Commission will consider the request Monday at its monthly meeting, beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the city commission meeting room at city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts.

ON ITS AGENDA, the commission will consider:

Approving minutes from its Dec. 7 meeting.

A request, deferred from the December meeting, to install a pedestrian-activated traffic signal across Louisiana Street at Centennial School. Wint Winter Jr. is requesting the addition on behalf of neighbors near the intersection, which currently is controlled by a crossing guard while school is in session. Gorman said there weren't enough children crossing Louisiana to merit a stop sign; 60 would be required, but a maximum of 39 crossed during the study period.

A request to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Sixth Street and Monterey Way.

A request to install stop signs at three intersections near Kennedy Elementary School: Maple Lane at Clare Road, Maple Lane at 21st Street and Davis Road at Clare Road. Sandy Francis, safety chairman for the school, is asking for the additions at the intersections, which currently have only painted crosswalks across the streets. Of the three requests, however, only the intersection at Maple and 21st merits a stop sign, Gorman said. The others, in fact, have so little pedestrian traffic that the painted crosswalks actually should be removed, she said.

A request to remove parking from the north side of 18th Street, between Tennessee and Kentucky streets. The street is only 27 feet wide, which, with parking on both sides of the street, does not provide enough room for cars to pass each other. Gorman recommended that parking on the north side be removed. Ruth Hulteen said she'd been having trouble backing out of her driveway at 1746 Tenn.

Setting priorties for the 1993 Pedestrian-Bicycle Improvement Project applications. Six applications have been submitted: $7,500 for installing pedestrian-activated walk signals at the intersections of 11th and Kentucky and 11th and Tennessee; $1,500 for installing handrails and resetting limestone steps on two sets of stairs at 10th and Indiana; $6,500 for replacing uneven sidewalks along the south side of 19th from Louisiana to the west side of Lawrence High School property; $125,000 for building an 8-foot wide concrete bicycle path between 23rd and Broken Arrow Park, along Naismith Creek; $100 for painting at least one crosswalk across 11th near New York Elementary School; and $3,200 for installing school beacons on 11th before the proposed crosswalk.

Receiving three submitted items: the city's newsletter, The Flame; a bike and foot trail map from the parks and recreation department; and an analysis of the intersection of 15th Street and Engel Road, conducted by a Kansas City, Mo., consultant for the Kansas Department of Transportation.

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