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December 8, 1993


Brookcreek Learning Center plans to move from public housing to a vacant day-care center and increase enrollments.

Brookcreek Learning Center may have found a new home.

The Brookcreek board of directors wants to purchase the former Tree House Child Care Center at 200 Mount Hope Ct. Brookcreek has operated out of a unit in Edgewood Homes, a Lawrence Housing Authority complex at 1600 Haskell, since the program started in 1982.

"The board meeting is on the 20th, and we want to approve the contract at that time," board Chairman Michael Treanor said. "But we've still got to come up with the money."

The estimated cost to purchase and remodel the Tree House center is $295,000, Treanor said. Barring unforeseen circumstances, Brookcreek will occupy its new site by next spring, he said.

Brookcreek, a day-care center that serves children with behavior disorders and development delays, was initially operated and subsidized by the Lawrence Housing Authority. It subsequently became a not-for-profit organization.

Moving to the Mount Hope location will enable Brookcreek to enroll more children, Treanor said.

"We have 22 at Edgewood, 20 at New York Elementary and there will be 48 more in the new location," he said.

Brookcreek officials are talking to the Lawrence school district about adding another elementary school to replace the Edgewood site, which would put Brookcreek in three Lawrence locations, Treanor said.

"We see a need for about 150 kids that would use our services, the at-risk children," he said. "We would be getting closer to what we would see as the need. We also serve kids who wouldn't need the special services, but just need a good child-care center."

The Tree House center has facilities for infant care, plus a kitchen facility that will enable Brookcreek to provide meals at all three locations, Treanor said.

The Tree House closed after state officials revoked the center's license last summer for reported violations of state regulations, including failure to lock up household toxic materials and medicines and failure to comply with staff-child ratios.

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