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December 1, 1993


Journal-World readers agree for the second consecutive year

Dennis Dailey says he hasn't really tried to be in the public limelight.

"I think I'm a little embarrassed with all the attention," the Kansas University professor of social welfare says.

But respondents to the second annual Journal-World's Best of Lawrence survey again picked Dailey as the top undergraduate teacher and his class, Human Sexuality, as the top undergraduate class.

"I think it probably has something to do with the fact that what I teach is relevant to their lives," Dailey said. "I think a lot of them are struggling and testing relationships and that sort of thing, and that's what I'm talking about in class."

Besides being the pick of the 400-plus people who responded to the survey, Dailey was also the winner of this year's H.O.P.E. Award, an honor bestowed by Kansas University's seniors on their favorite instructor.

Dailey said his classes generally are fairly large (he teaches in Woodruff Auditorium in the Kansas Union) and the class is taken by students from all levels in all departments.

Daily said he's a little taken aback by all the attention.

"I just want to teach," he said. "It's gratifying to know that students are finding a way of using the material for relationships that are important in their lives."

One of the other popular figures on campus this year is Roy Williams, head coach of KU's men's basketball team, according to the survey.

Survey respondents named the best free sports event on campus to be the annual "Late Night with Roy Williams," which opens the first basketball practice of the season with a skits featuring the players and a midnight practice at Allen Fieldhouse.

One of the respondents, Shannon Springer,1001 W. 27th, says she likes "Late Night" as a way to get involved at KU and as a chance to meet KU students.

"And this town seems to really revolve around KU basketball," she said.

Following are people's comments on establishments that placed first in other categories.

@briefhed:Best place for quiet study:

Watson Library

@sc: "This is where I encourage my students to go to study. I would say somewhere in the the stacks," says Jo Anne Mooney, a graduate student who teaches social psychology at KU.

@briefhed:Best building (aesthetically pleasing):

Dyche Hall, KU Natural History Museum

@sc: "It's a building that's not only a nice older building on campus, but it's associated with fun times, when I take my daughter to the Natural History Museum," said Patti Hackney, 1830 Barker. "It was a hard choice between that and Spooner, which is across the street. I love the older buildings up there. Wescoe is a pretty bad monstrosity, but I like the others."

@briefhed:Best place to meet people: Wescoe Beach

@sc: "It's not so much that I like it, but there's two big classes there and people mill around there a lot," said Kathy Hill, a Lawrence native and a KU graduate student. "It's well known, and that makes it just a good central place to meet people. Also, that's where they party after the KU basketball game and things like that."

@briefhed:Best place for student employment:

Kansas Union.

@sc: "It is sensitive to the students' needs," said Jeannie Alden, 3009 W. Eighth, who works full time in the Kansas Union Bookstore's accounting department. "It just seems that when they go to hire they look at students first and they always try to work around their schedules. And it seems that they make it real easy to work and go to school. We have a lot of girls and guys who work in shipping and receiving and in all departments at the bookstore and in the food service."

@briefhed:Best KU T-shirt slogan:

"Just Say No -- Friends Don't Let Friends Go to K-State"


"We have a lot of friends that went to K-State. I just thought it was a hoot," said Kathy Stotts, Baldwin, a 1980 KU graduate who said the suggestion came from her daughter, Amy, who saw the T-shirt when the family was staying at the Lawrence Holidome this summer. "It pretty well says it all."

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