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August 19, 1993


— Kansas State's quarterback controversy did not report to camp last week.

Jason Smargiasso, who started nine games for the Wildcats last season, did not return for his senior year, leaving junior Chad May alone atop the depth chart.

Note, however, that Smargiasso was not K-State's projected starter. May transferred in Cal State-Fullerton, where as a red-shirt freshman he quarterbacked nine games, leading the 2-9 Titans to both their wins.

But if May wasn't entrenched in May, he is in August.

"I said he improved in 11 of 15 practices in the spring and then plateaued," Snyder said. "He has picked up from there and improved."

As for Smargiasso, he has been written off the depth chart and added to Snyder's list of prohibited topics.

"I don't want to discuss anything that doesn't involve youngsters in our program right now," he said.

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@sc:If You Build It...: The Wildcats' drive to improve their facilities is in the home stretch. Their indoor practice facility, which came at a cost of $2.2 million, is all but finished, and their new press box, which cost $3.3 million, is slated for completion by Sept. 4, when they open at home against New Mexico State.

Skywriters toured the new press box, which is five levels and includes club seating and skyboxes. With much carpet and interior work left, it'll be a race to see what's here first -- the opener or the finished structure.

Even Snyder's office in the Vanier Football Complex has finally been renovated (last year the walls still had holes).

"We're very close in terms of facilities," Snyder said. "The last thing on the agenda right now is an academic center."

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@sc:Hump Year?: After going 7-4 in 1991 and slipping to 5-6 in '92, this season looks important in K-State's development under Snyder.

Sort of, he says.

"I've never laid claim to a pivotal year, and I don't think this is a pivotal year," he said. "Our direction has always been to get to the level where we may be right now , where you consistently get five, six, seven wins a year. Once we achieve that and when when all things fall into place, then you have a chance to compete for a conference championship, a bowl game, et cetera, et cetera."

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@sc:Bouncing off the Bottom: K-State ranked 104th out of 107 Div. I-A teams in total offense last year.

"We want to be better, and we've got a point to prove," Snyder said. "Our running game...obviously we need to improve, and I've seen that already."

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@sc:Culver Retires: Chuck Culver, a defensive back out of Perry-Lecompton High, is calling it quits before his junior season after a pair of knee surgeries. Also hanging it up because of injuries are Jeff Smith, a sophomore offensive guard, and Jeff Placek, a junior linebacker from Manhattan.

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@sc:Sandbaggers: Organized by Manhattan junior linebacker Laird Veatch, about three dozen Wildcats volunteered during the recent flooding, helping to erect a sandbag levee around a threatened subdivision.

Snyder and several assistants joined the players. "They're a lot stronger than I am," Snyder said.

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