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April 24, 1993


To the editor:

As a Louisiana native (New Orleans) who now lives in Kansas, I perked up when I heard a TV newscaster say, ''Kansas ranks third in a new list of most livable states, while Louisiana comes in last.'' I wondered about that. It didn't sound right. Not that I don't think Kansas is a wonderful place. I do. But I just couldn't imagine how Louisiana could be dead last on any list of livable places. Then, when I read the details in Wednesday's Journal-World, (Lawrence Firm Picks Most Livable States) I clearly understood.

May I suggest to the Morgan Quinto Corp. of Lawrence that a more honest title for this silly, self-serving ranking might be ''The Cowardly Honkey Republican Bigot's Guide to Safe Funless White Christian Places.'' I mean, come on guys. You're killing trees with this drivel. And tell the truth, where would you rather spend Mardi Gras day? Concorde, N.H.? Salt Lake City? Or the Big Easy? Get a life.

David Ohle,

911 Hilltop Dr.

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