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September 25, 1992


Although the size of the Douglas County labor forced expanded in August, the local unemployment rate was unchanged in August from the 3.1 percent level reported a month earlier.

The Kansas Department of Human Resources reported today that Douglas County's civilian labor force numbered 46,006 in August, an increase of 1,129 from July.

The number of people working in August 44,572 rose by 1,074 from the previous month as did the number of people counted as unemployed. That figure, which included people actively seeking work, was 1,434 in August, an increase of 55.

By comparison, the August jobless rate in the state was 4.1 percent, up from 3.6 percent in July.

TRADITIONALLY, Douglas County's labor market expands at the beginning of an academic year and contracts at the beginning of the summer.

This year was no exception. The KDHR in August counted 11,000 people with government jobs, which includes employees of the public schools, Kansas University and Haskell Indian Junior College, compared with 9,400 in July.

The August employment report also showed that the local labor force had grown since August 1991, when the jobless rate was 3.3 percent. The size of the labor market had increased by 1,797; the number of people working was higher by 1,812; and the number of unemployed people looking for jobs was up by just 11.

Government employment, the largest job category, held 400 more jobs this August than last.

IN OTHER August-to-August comparisons, the KDHR counted 200 more jobs in both construction and manufacturing. Increases of 100 jobs were reported in both wholesale and retail trade.

The service sector lost 200 jobs and finance, insurance and real estate gave up 100.

The August 1991 rate for all of Kansas was 4.4 percent.

If the Douglas County jobless report for September parallels last year's, government employment will continue to expand and the unemployment rate will be lower in the KHDR's next survey.

In September 1991, the Douglas County rate dropped to 2.9 percent as government employment swelled to 12,100.

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