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September 25, 1992


The 1993 Department of the Interior appropriations bill, which includes funding for Haskell Indian Junior College, has been passed by a House-Senate conference committee and will be put to votes in the Senate and House for final approval.

In its original version of the bill, the House approved $165,000 in funding for a teachers training program at Haskell. The Senate did not approve the additional funding, and the bill was sent to the committee for negotiation.

"They've agreed to allow $100,000 for the program," said Jim McLean, press secretary to Rep. Jim Slattery, D-Kan. "And they've left in the $3 million that was allocated for the dormitory."

The committee also rejected President Bush's request to charge tuition at the college.

Haskell is a two-year college operated by the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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