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September 23, 1992


Pro-life feminist Juli Loesch-Wiley says her politics don't constitute an oxymoron.

After all, she said Tuesday at Kansas University, traditional feminist philosophy referred to abortion as an atrocity.

"I deny anybody . . . has the authority to deliberately kill another human being in your care," Loesch-Wiley said. "Equal means equal opportunity to nurture life, not destroy life."

Loesch-Wiley of Johnson City, Tenn., lectured to 50 people about how "Abortion is Killing Authentic Feminism." Her talk was sponsored by KU Students for Life.

The activist is a former member of National Organization for Women. She's a board member of the Center on Conscience and War of Cambridge, Mass., and is a Birthright counselor. She helped found Prolifers For Survival in 1979.

LOESCH-WILEY said the women's rights movement abandoned a pro-life position. She said abortion, which she considers fatal discrimination against unborn children, shouldn't be supported by groups insisting on equality for themselves.

"It's a feminist mistake," she said. "Instead of pressing for equal responsibility, we're settling for equal irresponsibility?"

Supporters of legal abortion are intellectually dishonest, Loesch-Wiley said. The medical community gets involved in news-speak when the topic of abortion comes up, she said.

Loesch-Wiley said a hospital near her home has a VIP wing. It doesn't identify very important patients. It refers to the abortion wing where doctors voluntarily interrupt pregnancies.

"They're not going to resume them in 45 minutes. When you're dead nothing else happens," she said.

"They say abortion is `reproductive health.' If that's reproductive health, whale killing is oceanic health."

Loesch-Wiley also criticized the U.S. Supreme Court for failing to adequately define human life since the landmark 1972 Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

"The legal system has ceased to protect human rights . . . since Roe versus Wade," she said. "If you're starting a legal system to protect human rights, you need to ask first what is a human being. If you can't answer that, you don't deserve to run a legal system."

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