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September 16, 1992


The owner of a home with a greenhouse in the making since 1979 received 20 more days Tuesday to get his act together.

Lawrence city commissioners told owner Lawrence Bodle, 1218 Tenn., to draft a plan and timeline for finishing the two-story greenhouse. Otherwise, the city will finish the addition for him or tear it down.

"All we're asking is that you complete the project like we expect everyone to when we issue a building permit," Mayor Bob Schulte said. "Why should we make an exception in your case?"

As planned, the greenhouse would cover the length of the south side of the house. Wood planks and framing for the half-finished project now jut from the south side of the house.

The deteriorating condition of the project violates the city's environmental code for structures, said Gene Shaughnessy, the city's chief building inspector.

"IT'S JUST been a very unsuccesful attempt at adding a greenhouse," Shaughnessy said. "The neighbors do complain on and off. We agree with them that it is not commensurate with the neighborhood."

The inspections staff asked commissioners to declare the property blighted to allow the city either to finish the project or demolish the addition at the owner's expense.

The resolution declaring the blight gives the owner 20 days to take care of problems before the city moves in.

Commissioner Bob Schumm said he doubted that Bodle could finish the addition in that amount of time. He suggested giving Bodle 20 days to submit a plan and schedule for finishing the addition, as well as a structural analysis.

Inspections staff could review the plan and recommend a plan of action to commissioners, Shaughnessy said. Commissioners approved the resolution with Schumm's amendments.

BODLE, WHO attended Tuesday's meeting, said this morning that he wasn't sure if he could meet the city's demands.

"I'm just collecting my energy at this point," he said. "I will say that it's kind of frightening when someone else is telling you how to run your life."

Shaughnessy said this morning that he doubts the city will try to finish the project if Bodle doesn't submit a plan for completion.

"For us to abate the violation probably means to go in and remove it," he said.

Commissioners also declared a house at 905 N.Y. blighted. The structure is unsafe and would need extensive repairs, such as a new roof and electrical system, a city inspections report said.

"It's just a total mess as far as the ordinance is concerned," Shaughnessy said. Owners of the property did not attend Tuesday's meeting. Shaughnessy said county records show that Larry Fields is the owner of record. However, he said, Mike and Stephanie Hayes are purchasing the property on contract.

IN OTHER action Tuesday:


Commissioners proclaimed Sept. 20-26 "National Arts Week" and Sept. 13-19 "Corporate Cup Challenge Week."

On the consent agenda, commissioners approved:

Minutes of previous commission meeting.

Payment of city expenses.

A drinking establishment license for The Brass Apple, 3300 W. 15th.

A class B club license for Shiloh, 1003 E. 23rd.

A class A club license for American Legion Dorsey-Liberty Post No. 14, 3408 W. Sixth.

A $40,000 contract with Associated Environmental Systems of Mid-America Inc., a Kansas City, Kan., firm, for spot demolition work and paint removal for the Union Pacific Depot.

A $165,363 contract with LRM Industries Inc. to improve the intersection of 33rd and Iowa streets, including longer left-turn lanes on Iowa and a new traffic signal.

A $313,066 contract with Johnston Electric, Plainfield, Ind., for runway repair and replacement of runway lighting at the Lawrence Municipal Airport.

Accepting highest bids on sale of surplus and obsolete equipment, such as brass fittings and broken typewriters, from the utilities department.

AN ORDINANCE on final reading annexing about 1.2 acres northeast of the intersection of Nieder Road and 33rd Street, requested by Julie and Darrel Spain.

An ordinance amending city code regulating signs within the South Lawrence Trafficway overlay district and clarifying language on signs in planned unit development districts.

A resolution to extend, enlarge and improve the city's water and sewer system at a total cost not to exceed $8.5 million, and issuing water and sewer system revenue bonds not to exceed $3 million, to pay a portion of the project.

A site plan for Wild Oats Market, 1040 Vt.

A request to give up the city's right to a portion of an easement at 2720 Meadows Pl.

Rezoning of about 1.2 acres south of 17th Street and east of Harper Street from RS-1 (single-family residence) to RS-2 (single-family residence).

Accepting dedication of easements for the final plat of Habitat Neighborhood Addition No. 2, a six-lot residential subdivision of about 1.2 acres on the southwest corner of Harper Street and East 17th Street.

USE OF A house at 407 Maine for a mental health self-help and advocacy program through Project Acceptance.

Drafting of an ordinance for an amendment to joint city-county subdivision regulations on how subdivisions are shown on plats.

Drafting of an ordinance for an amendment to city-county subdivision regulations exempting property in the rural unincorporated area of the county from subdivision for residential purposes.

Drafting of an ordinance for an amendment to city-county subdivision regulations requiring a shared driveway access for multiple subdivision lots when platted in the unincorporated areas of the county.

Drafting of an ordinance for an amendment to city-county subdivision regulations allowing septic tank sewage systems in the primary urban growth areas of Douglas County, provided the subdivider signs an agreement not to protest the formation of a sanitary sewer benefit district and an agreement to connect to a sanitary sewer when sewer service is within 1,000 feet of planned improvements on the property.

Drafting of an ordinance for an amendment to city-county subdivision regulations requiring subdividers of land in the primary urban growth areas of the county to sign an agreement upon plat approval to connect to a public water system when public water lines are within 1,000 feet of planned improvements to the property.

DRAFTING OF an ordinance for an amendment to city-county subdivision regulations requiring subdivision roads within rural unincorporated areas to, at a minimum, be constructed to the adopted rock road standard. The amendment also requires telephone, cable television and-or electrical lines to be located underground.

Drafting of an ordinance for an amendment to city-county subdivision regulations to revise the definition of rural area.

Drafting of an ordinance for an amendment to city-county subdivision regulations deleting the definition of suburban growth area.

Authorizing the mayor to sign an amendment to the Lawrence Housing Authority annual contributions contract and declaration of trust increasing annual federal contributions by $15,000 to improve Edgewood Homes, Building 8, Apts. 153-156.

Commissioners removed the following items from the consent agenda for further discussion:

A site plan for a sixplex at 1425 Ky. Commissioner Bob Schumm asked to abstain from the vote because of a business relationship with the applicant, Doug Compton. The remaining three commissioners voted to approve the site plan. Commissioner John Nalbandian did not attend the meeting.

A text amendment to joint city-county subdivision regulations deleting a provision recommending telephone and-or electrical lines be located underground. Schumm asked for a brief staff report on the item. After the report, commissioners approved the amendment and asked staff to draft an ordinance for the amendment.

On the regular agenda, commissioners:

Conducted a public hearing on the city's second annual submission for the five-year Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy.

Miscellaneous items:

Commissioners appointed 25 more residents to the Horizon 2020 advisory forum. During the Horizon 2020 planning process, forum members help envision the ideal Douglas County, help create consensus on issues and needs in the community, and break into smaller groups to examine community issues. People appointed Tuesday night are:

Rick Stein, Rich Yeakel, John Francis, Rob Miller, Earl Reineman, Tom Arensberg, Win Campbell, Tom Wilcox, Pat Kehde, Peggy Johnson, Jeff Arensberg, Kent Smalter, George Paley, Judy Paley, Robert Lester, Linda Lester, Tim Arensberg, Karyn Baker Riney, Joe Scales, Barbara Wood, Peter Zacharias, Ernie Cummings, David Millstein, Susan Millstein and John Lee.

Commissioners appointed Assistant City Manager Rod Bremby, Lawrence Fire Chief Jim McSwain, City Management Assistant Tammy Bannister, and Commissioners Bob Walters and John Nalbandian as delegates to Kansas League of Municipalities annual fall conference Oct. 4-6 in Wichita.

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