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September 11, 1992


Bill Clinton was too young to cast a presidential vote for Harry Truman in 1948, and Republican George Bush didn't do so even though he could have. Bush went for the losing Thomas Dewey 44 years ago.

But the two 1992 presidential hopefuls keep referring to the utterances and doctrines of Truman, the man from Independence, Mo. Harry seems to be increasingly popular among politicians as the years pass. Former president Ronald Reagan, once a Democrat himself, is also fond of quoting Truman. It took quite a while for the direct and abrupt Harry Truman to be recognized as a topflight U.S. president, but that level of recognition has finally, and deservedly, come. And seldom has it been as noticeable as during this election year.

Which causes us to wonder if the next polls will show 30 percent of the potential voters favoring Clinton, 30 percent going for Bush and the other 40 percent ready to cast ballots for Harry Truman.

Certainly that makes as much sense as wasting votes on that duck-and-run master Ross Perot.

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