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September 11, 1992


To the editor:

My granddaughters had a ``sick child'' appointment recently at a pediatrician's office at 1 p.m. They waited 45 minutes in the waiting room before they were called to the examining room. Their mother asked the nurse if the doctor was in, and she replied yes, it will be only about 20 more minutes.

After being confined to THIS room for 1 hour and 15 minutes, no contact with anyone, with 3 sick children, mother got them dressed to leave. The nurse asked her where she was going, she said HOME! The reply was ``well, you are next in line.'' Needless to say, after this length of time (2 hours) and 3 sick children, they left to receive help elsewhere. This happens in Lawrence over and over again. The appointment scheduling is ridiculous; they schedule three or four people for the same time. I'm wondering how close this is to child neglect? How could any caring physician do this to ANY patient and have a clear conscience? It all comes down to the almighty dollar, and they seem to think their time is the only important time. Doctors, Lawrence, Kansas, is trying to improve their image as to health care, believe me, this is no way to accomplish this.

Nancy Howard,


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