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September 11, 1992


To the editor:

KU football season is here once again; a time of tremendous revenue for KU and for Lawrence. The city reaps the benefits of many out-of-town fans spending their money in Lawrence. Why is it, then, that the city must gain even more revenue from these fans through what I consider cheap methods?

I'm speaking about the little known "no parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk" ordinance that is enforced on football days on the streets near Memorial Stadium. Is the curb painted yellow? Of course not. Are there signs indicating "no parking from here to corner?" No way. These warnings would inform our out-of-town guests, and our revenue would drop sharply.

Come on, Lawrence. Do we really want our police officers to be parking attendants who help us collect thousands of dollars on football Saturdays through hundreds of $10 tickets from unsuspecting fans? That's right, I said $10 . . . if you park 15 fee away from a crosswalk (a perfectly safe distance). We might as well put up parking meters. At least we would be up front about wanting lots of money from unsuspecting fans.

Jay Henderson,

3920 Willshire Dr.

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