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October 30, 1992


President Bush will come in behind Ross Perot and Bill Clinton, and the Lawrence school bond issue proposal will pass.

At least that's how Tuesday's vote will turn out if Lawrence High School students have their way.

LHS students voted in their traditional mock election Thursday, and in past election years the outcome has pretty closely mirrored the actual vote in Douglas County.

The results of the LHS election were:

U.S. president and vice president: Bill Clinton and Al Gore, 153 votes, Ross Perot and James Stockdale, 88, George Bush and Dan Quayle, 86, and Libertarians Andre Marrou and Nancy Lord, 4.

U.S. Senate: Bob Dole over Gloria O'Dell, 219-76.

U.S. House, 3rd District: Tom Love over Jan Meyers, 47-39.

U.S. House, 2nd District: Jim Slattery over Jim Van Slyke, 44-10.

Lawrence school bond issue proposal: Passed, 226-32.

Property classification amendment to the Kansas Constitution: Passed, 122-60.

Adding a victim bill of rights to the Kansas Constitution: Passed, 159-33.

PATTY BAILEY, an LHS social studies teacher who helped organize the election, said about 18.5 percent of LHS students voted. She said more students might have voted had the polling times been extended. Students voted at lunchtime and before and after school.

"All the times we were open, the kids were just lined up waiting. It was just packed, and we were happy to see that," Bailey said. "I think the students are politically sensitized and really concerned about their futures."

In the 1990 general election, the LHS vote reflected the Douglas County vote in picking Mike Hayden over Joan Finney for Kansas governor, passing bond issues for the Eastern Parkway and South Lawrence Trafficway, and defeating the proposed school bond issue for a second high school. And in two out of three races for the Kansas Legislature, the students picked the same candidates as did county voters.

Candidates from several of this year's races for the Kansas Legislature spoke to LHS students during special forums. However, Bailey said, Thursday's vote on some of those races might have been skewed because some students didn't realize they were supposed to vote only for the candidates representing their district.

Ballots were discarded any time a student voted for candidates in more than one district.

THE RESULTS in those legislative races were:

Kansas 2nd Senate District: Sandy Praeger over Joyce Wolf, 82-20.

Kansas 44th House District: Brian Kubota over Barbara Ballard, 49-47.

Kansas 45th House District: Bob Skahan over Forrest Swall, 16-13.

Kansas 46th House District: Neva Entrikin over Betty Jo Charlton, 27-22.

Bailey said LHS social studies teachers Jane Budde and Peggy Sorenson helped her organize the student vote.

Lawrence students in grades kindergarten through 12 will go to the real polls on Tuesday as part of the Kids Voting program. Although the votes of students under 18 won't count in the official totals, the votes will be tabulated and analyzed.

MEANWHILE results of a national Student-Parent Mock Election were released today. In that mock vote, U.S. high school students cast 2,101,543 votes, or 45 percent, for Clinton to 1,413,916, or 30 percent, for Bush, and 1,116,125, or 24 percent, for independent Ross Perot.

Clinton carried 35 states with 459 electoral votes in the vote sponsored by the Justice Department and a number of private companies.

Bush carried nine states with 53 electoral votes and Perot five states with 26 electoral votes.

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