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October 30, 1992


To the editor:

This is in response to Mike Lehman's letter that ran on Oct. 27. Mr. Lehman objected to having a picture of an aborted baby placed on his door. Mr. Lehman compared people who distribute such literature to Adolf Hitler. I see two ways in which the literature he described differs from that of the Third Reich.

First, unlike Hitler's propaganda, pictures of the victims of abortion are factual. Abortion really does produce mangled bodies.

Second, pro-life propaganda is not intended to inflame prejudice against a minority, as Hitler's was intended to inflame prejudice against Jews and others. On the contrary, pro-life propaganda is intended to speak in defense of the victims of abortion.

Furthermore, I see two ways in which it is pro-abortion propaganda which resembles that of Hitler and Goebbels.

First, both dehumanize the victim. Nazi propagandists called their human victims garbage, trash, a mass, parasites, animals, subhuman, and not persons in the legal sense. Pro-abortion propaganda calls the intrauterine child a fetus, a mass of tissue, a product of conception, a blob, and not a person in the legal sense.

Second, both pro-abortion and Nazi propaganda euphemize the reality of their procedures. When a baby is torn apart with toothed pliers, the abortion industry says the womb is evacuated. In 1941, 15,000 Jewish women and children were asphyxiated in mobile gas vans. The official Nazi report said only that they had been evacuated.

Mr. Lehman asserted that distributing pictures showing the ugly reality of abortion is an irresponsible use of freedom. I say irresponsibility lies in failing to act against a manifest evil, as ``good Germans'' tolerated Hitler's propaganda, deportations and death camps.

Joe Gilman,

2908 Stratford Rd.

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