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October 23, 1992


Haskell Indian Junior College students will be taught a lesson in leadership during a seminar this weekend.

Sponsored by the United National Indian Tribal Youth, or UNITY, the sessions will include special speakers, lessons on team-building and leadership, and planning.

The Haskell UNITY Council became an official school organization this fall, said Audrey Barnett, the group's sponsor.

The group now has 20 to 25 core members and many other students who are involved in the group, Barnett said.

"This is an exceptionally talented group," Barnett said. "They're excited about making this group work."

The weekend workshop was organized by the students but will be led by members of the national UNITY team. The team travels the country to keep in touch with Native American youth and demonstrate leadership skills.

"The students are keeping the schedule really flexible so if one session runs long or they want to change something around, they can," Barnett said.

The theme for the weekend is "The Healing Generation's Journey to the Year 2000." The National UNITY organization has identified 12 issues that face Native American young people including drug and alchohol addiction, the economy, sprituality and education.

"This group helps them find within themselves the potential that they have," Barnett said.

In a statement, the National UNITY organization said its mission is to foster the spiritual, mental, physical and social development of Native youth and to build a strong, unified and self-reliant Native American youth.

UNITY has sponsored 18 national leadership conferences, conducted a series of youth leadership training sessions, assisted in the development of tribal, village and community youth councils and made it possible for youth to formally voice their concerns at congressional and Senate hearings.

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