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October 19, 1992


An artist whose figure drawings are featured at Native Creations, 732 Mass., will visit with customers at the gallery through Tuesday.

Michelle De Monnin, 24, brought her works to Lawrence from Milton, Wash., south of Seattle and only two blocks from the Puyallup Indian Reservation. The gallery carries six originals and four limited edition lithograph prints and will continue to display her drawings after she returns home, she said.

De Monnin focuses primarily on Native American, Latin American and Western figures in her work, using graphite, some colored pencil and some sepia charcoal. She said the figure drawings are fairly realistic.

"I do a wide range of ages from children to elderly people, and I specialize in younger women," she said. "They are very emotional pieces. I'm not a historian by any means I'm more concerned with the emotions. Much of my work is expressing joys as well as sorrows, pain or grief. A lot is very contemplative, as if they're thinking about something."

The artist takes hundreds of photographs during her extensive traveling in the Southwest, Wyoming and Montana, and she frequently uses up to 10 photos as references with each drawing. She also depends heavily on her "very active imagination," De Monnin said.

Although she isn't a Native American, she grew up with an interest in the Native American culture and people. It was the natural topic for her artwork, she said.

De Monnin has worked as a full-time artist for 2 years and creates freelance animation for educational uses by companies.

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