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October 11, 1992


Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton should appeal to students because his views are closer to those of most young voters and because they want change, the leader of a Kansas University student group for Clinton says.

"George Bush is completely out of touch with the students and the entire next generation of Americans," said Jason McIntosh, coordinator of KU Students for Clinton/Gore. "Bill Clinton understands the concerns of students and the concerns of most people who see where George Bush and Ronald Reagan have taken this country."

KU Students for Clinton/Gore was formed after Clinton captured his party's nomination this summer.

McIntosh, a Tulsa, Okla., senior and KU student senator, said he became the coordinator of the organization to drum up student support for the Democratic candidate.

TWELVE YEARS of Republican control in the White House have left a generation of young voters disillusioned and cynical, he said, rattling off a litany of complaints with the Reagan-Bush era.

"We've learned our economics from Ivan Boesky . . . and our religion from the PTL club since they've been in office," McIntosh said.

"They sell off the environment to the highest bidder and support foreign businesses, which results in the loss of American jobs."

"The Republicans only have allowed equal opportunity for the select few," he said. "It's time to change that. I believe in equal opportunity for everybody, not just for a select few."

McIntosh said issues that concern students, such as the environment, education and AIDS, have been poorly addressed by Bush, although the president claims to have made strides in those areas.

STUDENTS, McIntosh said, are more likely to vote for Clinton because he would place a greater emphasis on those issues and would use "solutions, not slogans."

" `No new taxes' that's a slogan not a solution," McIntosh said. "I think if people look at the solutions being offered by Bill Clinton, which is to do something about the economy, and look at the solutions of George Bush, which is more of the same nothing people will see that there's only one clear choice, and that's Bill Clinton."

In addition, McIntosh said most students realize much of government gridlock would be eliminated if Clinton were elected because he would sign bills. The current Congress does not have enough of a Democratic majority to always override Bush vetoes.

McIntosh said some students may vote for independent candidate Ross Perot because he also brings a message of change.

However, he said Perot's impact probably would be limited because students "would identify with changes that Bill Clinton has proposed."

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