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October 11, 1992


Kansas officials estimated Saturday's sellout crowd for the Kansas-Kansas State game in Memorial Stadium at 52,000.

If that number stands up and it probably won't it will go down as the largest crowd ever to watch a Kansas home football game.

History has shown that KU's estimates don't usually stand up. Take the previous largest crowd in school history, for example.

For the last 19 years, the attendance at the 1973 KU-KSU game in Memorial Stadium has been listed at 53,235. And for 19 years, that number has been No. 1 on the list of largest KU home crowds.

It's still No. 1, Doug Vance said, but the number has been revised downward to 51,574.

"I WENT back and checked the records and the actual attendance that year was 51,574," said Vance, KU's assistant athletic director in charge of media relations.

Many of the largest crowds at Memorial Stadium are based on estimates, Vance said, and he's in the process of amending the list. Along those lines, he won't know until after the official audit next February what the actual count was here Saturday.

"We don't have turnstiles so we can't tell," Vance explained.

Saturday's crowd on Campanile Hill was estimated by KU police at around 7,000. That's down about 2,500 from the estimated crowd for the KU-KSU game two years ago.

One reason for the lower number of freeloaders may have been the athletic department's decision to re-install stands in the south end zone. Those high-rise seats blocked the view from a larger area of Campanile Hill. Two years ago, the south end zone was wide open.

ON SATURDAY, it appeared than more than the listed capacity of 51,500 were in Memorial Stadium because so many people were standing on the walkway around the top of the stadium.

Nevertheless, the athletic department did not sell standing room only tickets, according to athletic director Bob Frederick.

"I think those people standing around the top," Frederick said, "were people who had seats in the first rows and moved up."

The lower rows in Memorial Stadium offer the worst view and are customarily the last ones sold.

Kansas officials are expecting another large crowd in two weeks for the homecoming game against Oklahoma. The largest throng ever to watch a KU-OU game here was 50,658.

That was in 1968, the year of the Jayhawks' last Orange Bowl team, and that attendance figure, incidentally, is legitimate.

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