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October 11, 1992


To the editor:

Communities often come together in times of disaster, such as Hurricane Andrew, but seldom during times of prosperity or during day-to-day interactions, except in cases of fund raising for community causes. In Harvest of Arts, the entire community joined hands to support a community-wide event that was not tied to some form of fund-raising event or special interest activity.

The week's activities were a success in large part because everyone pitched in the artists, art supporters and the general population. Representatives from KU, Haskell, business and community took part in making this a reality.

Ours was one of collective consciousness. We each drew from the other's energies. We gave much more than 100 percent. The result a magical week of activities celebrating Lawrence life and the arts.

Though money is required to satisfy an operating budget, it was not the lifeblood that nourished the Harvest of Arts. Small donations, in-kind offerings and hard work sustained the Harvest. Money became a secondary factor, not the end goal. Volunteerism proclaimed victory.

We looked at the challenge, faced it head-on and determined to make it a success. We did so in part to demonstrate that diversity and mutual respect for our neighbors are the strongest attributes Lawrence possesses. Mutual cooperation and alliance-building can become the norm. Together we can address the issues of community and social dynamics and create a society that shares in making life in Lawrence a positive experience for all residents.

I salute the Lawrence community for coming together in the good times to recognize and celebrate our strengths as a community.

Lisa Blair,

Downtown Lawrence,

734 Vt.

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