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October 8, 1992


Although residents of Lawrence and Lecompton are waiting for the final tabulations on their mill levies, 1992 mill levies for Baldwin and Eudora have been finalized.

Baldwin's levy stands at 100.459 mills, including 44.587 mills for the Baldwin school district, the county's 29.925 mills, the city of Baldwin's 24.347 mills, 1.5 mills for the state and 0.100 mills for the Palmyra Township general assessment.

A mill is $1 in taxes for every $1,000 of assessed valuation.

The 100.459 levy means the owner of a $50,000 home would pay $602.75 in annual property taxes. To compute your tax bill, multiply your home's assessed value by 12 percent, which in the case of a $50,000 equals $6,000. Then multiply by the levy, .100459, to arrive at $602.75.

Eudora's levy came in at 85.662 mills. The levy includes 40 mills for the Eudora school district, 29.925 mills for the county, the city of Eudora's 12.147 mills, the state's 1.5 mills, 1.59 mills for the Eudora township library and 0.500 mills for the Eudora Township general assessment.

The owner of a $50,000 home in Eudora would pay $513.97 in annual property taxes.

Lecompton's final mill levy has not been set. It is missing the valuation of property within its school district, which also goes into Jefferson County. Plus, Lecompton residents are part of the Northeast Library district, which reaches into Shawnee County, whose valuation numbers have not been reported.

Lawrence also is waiting on valuation numbers from Jefferson County because the Lawrence school district includes a small part of that county.

Last year, the county reported that Baldwin's levy was 130.028. The levy consisted of the Baldwin school district's 76.873 mills, the county's 27.114 mills, the city's 24.441 mills, the state's 1.5 mills and 0.100 of a mill for Palmyra Township.

Eudora's levy was reported last year at 93.258 mills. The levy included the Eudora school district's 50.871 mills, the county's 27.114 mills, the city's 11.913 mills, the Eudora Township Library's 1.6 mills, the state's 1.5 mills and 0.26 of a mill for Eudora Township.

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