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October 6, 1992


During this heated presidential political season, it is difficult to get an honest, straight assessment about many national situations. Almost every explanation about certain conditions in the United States has a political spin attached to the reasoning.

Spokesmen for the Bush administration will try to color the story one way, while spokesmen for the Clinton campaign are quick to put a different twist on the story.

A good example is the manner in which the Clinton camp is using the up-and-down U.S. stock market situation.

According to Clinton and his campaign staff, current investor nervousness about the market and the sizable losses and gains in the market are proof that investors do not have confidence in the administration's handling of the economy.

Did it every occur to Clinton supporters that market-investor nervousness could be the result of investors reading current polls on voter preference in the upcoming election and that the market's instability is due to investors' concern and worry about what a Clinton presidency might mean to the welfare of this country's economy and its position in the world economy?

Regardless of how dire members of the Clinton camp may try to paint the U.S. economy, the U.S. remains the world's strongest and most respected nation, both economically and militarily.

Unfortunately, this is not going to deter those both in the political arena and in the media who would like to have the American public believe the country is economically weak, lacking respect from other nations and headed toward a bleak future. In an election year, facts can be twisted to suit most any political persuasion.

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