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October 4, 1992


The Douglas County Resource Directory is a United Way-sponsored directory published by the Mental Health Association of Douglas County.

The United Way allocates $815 to the directory, which contains information on hundreds of health care topics from child care to rape victim support.

The directory contains the names and telephone numbers of contact people at every active health care group in Douglas County. The guide is sold for $17.50 to individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.

The directory is updated biannually and costs $4,000 to produce. Sue Mohr, a United Way volunteer, said the cost covers printing, formatting, entry of new information and updating old information.

Mohr explained that the $815 allocation from the United Way covers only a small part of the cost. The remaining amount is covered by the price of the directory.

She said new groups that want to be included in the directory can easily be inserted. ``When the update comes up, we send a form to all the groups with current entries. This form enables them to expand, cancel, or make any changes needed for the new directory,'' Mohr said.

The directory is available at two sites: Bert Nash Mental Health Center, 211 E. Eighth St., and the Lawrence Psychiatric Center, 3210 Mesa Way.

``The main buyers are businesses that use it for their clients and employees," Mohr said. "The Douglas County Child Development Association bought 20 of them.''

Tony Peterson, who works for Independence, Inc., is a frequent user of the directory.

If someone at Independence, Inc. needed to contact an Alzheimer's support group, for example, Peterson said he would look it up in the directory and tell the person who to call.

``It's nice to know that the information is in there,'' Peterson said.

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