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October 3, 1992


To the editor:

Recently, there was a presentation on the new school bond issue that the public will consider Nov. 3. Like many voters, we were against the last school bond issue (to build a second high school). However, we are completely in support of the current proposed bond issue. Basically, this bond election is to build a new elementary school, to build a replacement for India School and to add seven classrooms to Wakarusa Valley School. We need all three of these elementary school items now.

That bond issue also will modernize both Central Junior High School and LHS, plus build a much-needed fourth junior high school. We need all three of these secondary school items now. A second high school and middle schools (concept) are not part of this bond election. These items will be debated at a later date.

We believe the timing for this bond election is very good. First, interest rates on the bonds will be at very low levels. Secondly, our property taxes for schools are going down significantly this year due to the change in state financing for schools. Thirdly, the state will help us finance this bond issue by about 18 percent of the cost. This 18 percent state aid cannot be counted upon in future bond elections. This 18 percent is really our money coming back home instead of going to other communities for their building projects. What more could be in our favor?

At a time when there seems to be a lot in our sociey to be against, it is refreshing to find something that makes such good governmental sense and that we can all wholeheartedly support. The Nov. 3 bond proposal makes good sense for kids and it also makes good sense for the total community.

Gary and Judy Condra,

2204 Crossgate Dr.

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