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October 2, 1992


The Haskell Board of Regents met with city officials Thursday to discuss improving the relationship between Haskell Indian Junior College and the city.

Lawrence Mayor Bob Schulte and City Manager Mike Wildgen gave the board a report showing the steps the city has taken in the past 12 months.

"We have made several advances over the last year," Schulte said. "We want to improve the relationship between the city, city employees and Haskell students and faculty."

The report cites the appointment of the 15-member Lawrence Alliance board that was created to combat discrimination in the city, the Minister's Weekend Ride-Along Program, the fledgling Citizen's Academy to initiate residents in police procedures and the recent hiring of a Native American police officer.

BUT OTHER issues still need to be worked out.

Public transportation between Haskell and the city is almost non-existent, Haskell President Bob Martin said.

"This is a general problem in the community," Schulte said. "We have hired a consultant who recommended a voucher system to avoid the fixed bus stop situation."

The vouchers would discount taxi rides for their holders, Schulte said. "This system would allow people to go from anywhere in the city to anywhere in the city, 24-hours a day," he said.

He doesn't expect funding for the program until 1994, however.

Raymond Morgan, Haskell regents chairman, asked that a Lawrence police officer visit freshman orientation courses at the college to explain his job and the laws in Lawrence.

"It would help fight the feeling of harassment," Morgan said.

Wildgen supported the idea.

"We appreciate your openness and willingness to make the community a great place to live," said Lana Rozler, board member from the Seneca nation. "This relationship doesn't always exist in the communities we come from."

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