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November 17, 1992


Kansas University is recommending about 85 changes in the way non-academic programs operate and are organized, according to the non-instructional portion of a report on KU's restructuring released today.

Among the recommendations in the comprehensive report is one that would consolidate all university placement services.

Another would combine the offices of university relations at both the Lawrence and Kansas City, Kan., campuses, and KU's public radio station, KANU-FM, into an umbrella organization of public and governmental relations.

The recommendations are part of Program Review, a comprehensive, universitywide assessment of all KU's programs. The Program Review report, scheduled to be made public today, has been developed during the past year to find ways to cut costs and increase efficiency.

The report contains recommendations for both academic and non-academic programs at KU.

THE ASSESSMENT of academic programs was ordered by the Kansas Board of Regents for all six of its state schools.

As part of KU's report, Chancellor Gene Budig requested that officials also review non-academic programs to find additional ways to cut costs and duplication.

"Many non-instructional units remain organized today as they were when they were created and changing circumstances may warrant restucturing," the report says. "Restructuring recommendations do not call for more administrators. Many restructuring recommendations will result in a cost savings; however, the guiding rationale was to make all units more effective."

The recommendations include the consolidation of universitywide placement service operations during the next three years. A study of the best way to accomplish that will begin this spring, the report says.

UNDER THE current system, six university placement offices at the Lawrence campus serve students in such areas as business, law, journalism, education, engineering and financial aid.

If the career placement offices are consolidated, particular attention should be paid to career planning functions, the recommendation says.

It also says the related office of counseling and psychological services should be monitored to avoid duplication of services.

Another recommendation would seek "consolidating a number of exisiting activities" under the university relations offices at the Lawrence and Kansas City, Kan., campuses. KANU radio also could become a part of the new umbrella stucture, the recommendation says.

OTHER PROPOSALS in the non-instructional portion of the Program Review report recommend that KU:

Conduct a study to determine if services provided by Academic Computing and other units can be integrated within the Office of Academic Affairs.

Establish a temporary help pool in the human resources office from which units may employ part-time help when employment vacancies occur or peak loads are experienced.

Merge the purchasing office into the comptroller's office.

Investigate bringing the Kansas Biological Survey, Kansas Applied Remote Sensing, and Experimental and Applied Ecology offices together under one administrative structure.

Consider implementing a fee-for-service structure in the office of Institutional Research and Planning that would help defray costs associated with information requests that are not directly related to institutional needs.

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