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November 17, 1992


Attendance at Kansas University's six home football games in Memorial Stadium this year averaged 42,167 fans. This crowd figure should cool any discussion about moving the Kansas-Missouri game to Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium.

Kansas City promoters have been trying for years to have the annual contest moved to the Kansas City site, suggesting they would be able to attract much larger crowds and put more money into the KU athletic department bank account.

Little was said about taking the game off the campus, the inconvenience and added expense to thousands of KU students, the potential for traffic accidents for those traveling to and from Kansas City and the money that would be placed in the bank accounts of Kansas City interests. There are many other reasons college games should remain "on campus."

At one time, Missouri officials said they were all for the idea of playing the KU-MU game in Kansas City. However, they said the KC game would be the KU "home game," and the MU home game would remain in Columbia. Unfortunately, this is the usual attitude of too many Missouri athletic boosters.

Fans like to see a winning football program, and as long as the Jayhawks can present an entertaining, above-average performance, KU football enthusiasts will be happy to come to Memorial Stadium, even if city officials refuse to do anything to modernize the city's out-of-date traffic flow patterns. Like it of not, winning teams attract good crowds, and losing teams struggle to get fan support no matter where the games are played.

KU athletic officials should be polite but quite clear in letting it be known they prefer to play the KU-MU game in Memorial Stadium and maintain the collegiate atmosphere rather than shifting the game to the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. If MU officials would like to play their "home" KU-MU game in Kansas City, KU officials might consider this possibility. But hopefully, the long rivalry will be continued at KU's Memorial Stadium and at Faurot Field in Columbia for many years to come.

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