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November 16, 1992


To the editor:

I am writing to commend the Lawrence Fire Department, emergency medical service, police department and Lawrence Memorial Hospital staff for their professionalism and excellence.

My husband, his parents and I were involved in a serious accident on Oct. 29 at the intersection of Vermont and Seventh streets. My in-laws were severely injured and in great pain. A gentleman immediately approached our car and used a steady, soothing voice to tell us to remain calm and to ask if anyone was injured. He told us to remain still and that help would immediately be on the way. The police officer who worked the case later told us this man was an off-duty firefighter.

In a very short time, the ambulance and police arrived. The EMTs seemed to know exactly what they were doing. Their aura of competence made me feel that my in-laws would get the best possible care and greatly reduced my anxiety. The Jaws of Life had to be used to remove them from the vehicle, and the EMT's handling of these two injured people during the difficult extraction process was extremely gentle.

After my parents-in-law were on their way to the hospital, a police officer took my husband and me to the hospital. Although she was quite professional as she took our statements in the waiting room, she was warm and understanding. After taking our statements, she took the time to show us her diagram of the accident and explain what had happened.

Once it was determined that his parents were not in immediate danger, my husband and I were allowed into the emergency room. We spent seven hours there watching and listening as the hospital emergency team determined the extent of his parents' injuries and the best way to treat them. This frightening experience was made less so by the on-duty physician. She explained everything she was doing and told us why she was asking specific questions. Her straightforwardness helped us to have faith in the team and, consequently, to feel less anxious about his parents.

My father-in-law ended up in the intensive care unit for several days and in the hospital for more than a week. The Lawrence Memorial Hospital doctors and staff gave him the best possible care.

I wish I knew the names of the professionals who helped to minimize our pain and anxiety through this tough situation so that I could thank them individually. Unfortunately, all I can do is write this letter to give blanket, but heartfelt, thanks.

Kathy E. Porsch,

3104 W. 28th.

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