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November 12, 1992


A former Kansas University cross country runner who had to drop out of school after being struck by a car in Lawrence is returning to KU.

Jeremy McClain said Wednesday that he had enrolled in 16 hours of spring semester classes at KU.

During a telephone interview from his parents' home in Overland Park, where he has been recuperating, McClain said his recovery was going well.

"I've got a lot of my strength back," he said. "I'm getting around pretty well. I feel like there's not a whole lot I can't do."

McClain was hit by a car Sept. 2 while running at 23rd and Louisiana. His left leg was broken in several places, and two of his front teeth were knocked out.

Doctors at the KU Medical Center, Kansas City, Kan., almost had to amputate McClain's left foot or part of his lower left leg. On Sept. 5, doctors hooked McClain to life-support machines after he developed adult respiratory distress syndrome, in which fat escaping from his broken bones pooled in his lungs.

McClain went home from KUMC on Sept. 25.

Last week, he said, he underwent an operation to replace the temporary rod in his left leg with a permanent rod. The surgery went "really well," he said. McClain said he would be on crutches for the next two to three months.

McClain said he and his doctors have not yet discussed whether he will be able to run again.

Today, he said, he would receive bridge work to replace the gap in his teeth.

McClain said his lungs, which were damaged so badly that he was forced to carry an oxygen tank after he was released from the hospital, also have been improving. He said he longer had to use the oxygen tank.

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