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November 6, 1992


Traditionally, the local city precinct with the highest turnout for fall elections has been the Southside Church of Christ, the polling place of the 7th Precinct of the 3rd Ward.

But in Tuesday's presidential race, eight of the city's 35 precincts had higher turnouts.

While 7-3 had a turnout of 83.8 percent, the highest turnout in the city was 87.4 percent, at West Junior High School, the polling place for the 5th Precinct of the 2nd Ward.

Other high turnouts were at the Lawrence Arts Center, 85.5 percent; the National Guard Armory, 85.4 percent; Holcom Recreation Center, 85 percent; Brandon Woods, 84.4 percent; Fire Station No. 3, 85.6 percent; Centennial School, 85.4 percent; Schwegler School, 84.3 percent; and India School, 85 percent.

The lowest turnout in the city was again at the traditional place: Allen Fieldhouse, the polling place for the 4th Precinct of the 2nd Ward, where 69.1 percent of the registered voters cast ballots.

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