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November 5, 1992


While most of the election attention Tuesday was focused on the presidential, state and county races, a host of positions were voted on by residents in nine Douglas County townships.

Here are the results of those elections. Most candidates were unopposed:

Clinton Township:

Trustee, Conrad Curtis (R), unopposed, 203 votes; treasurer, Franklin Bidinger (R), unopposed, 215 votes; and clerk, Alvin Fishburn (R), unopposed, 203 votes.

Eudora Township:

Trustee, Sharron Harris (R), 1,049 votes, defeated Robert Rice (D), 935 votes; treasurer, Glen Grosdidier (R), unopposed, 1,739 votes; and clerk, Eugene Westerhouse (R), unopposed, 1,746 votes.

Grant Township:

Trustee, Don Palmateer (R), 114 votes, defeated Bruce Mensie (D), 101 votes; treasurer, Jim Middleton (D), unopposed, 180 votes; and clerk, Randy Hartford (R), unopposed, 169 votes.

Kanwaka Township:

Trustee, Laverne D. Bartell (D), unopposed, 450 votes; treasurer, Paul Studebaker (R), 285 votes, defeated Christopher Lesser (D), 262 votes; and clerk, David Wulfkuhle (D), unopposed, 427 votes.

Lecompton-Big Springs Township:

Trustee, Don Fuston (D), 436 votes, defeated Betty Smith Mitchell (R), 252 votes; treasurer, Gary Merritt (R), unopposed, 605 votes; and clerk, Dennis Baranski (R), unopposed, 599 votes.

Marion Township:

Trustee, Roger Taul (R), unopposed, 296 votes.

Baldwin-Vinland Township:

Trustee, A.J. Barrett (R), unopposed, 1,664 votes; treasurer, John Vesecky (R), unopposed, 1,737 votes; and clerk, James Nelick (R), unopposed, 1,579 votes.

Wakarusa Township:

Trustee, Leonard A. Walker (R), unopposed, 912 votes; treasurer, Chuck Ledom (R), unopposed, 849 votes; and clerk, Becky Foster (D), 654 votes, defeated M.B. Fredrickson (R), 390 votes.

Willow Springs Township:

Trustee, Charles Wintermantel (R), unopposed, 508 votes; treasurer, Gilbert Gilges (R), unopposed, 504 votes; and clerk, Harold Seele (R), unopposed, 489 votes.

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