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November 4, 1992


State Sen. Anthony Hensley, a Topeka Democrat, won his bid for the Kansas Senate in the 19th District, which includes parts of Douglas County.

Meanwhile Caroline Tillotson, a Leavenworth Republican, hung on to win a fairly close three-way race for the 3rd District Senate seat, which represents Leavenworth and Jefferson counties.

Hensley, a former House member who was appointed to the vacated Senate 19th District seat this summer, beat Republican Walter Myers, Baldwin. Hensley had 17,378 votes, or 64 percent, to Myers' 9,771 votes, or 36 percent.

The 19th District includes southern and western Douglas County, parts of Topeka and southern Shawnee County and parts of Osage County.

Myers won in Douglas County, with 2,403 votes (58.3 percent) to Hensley's 1,706 votes (41.2 percent).

However, Hensley's 16 years as a House member from Topeka gave him the edge in Shawnee County and Osage County, which he carried.

Hensley attributed his win to his experience in the Legislature.

"I THINK it was experience and knowing how to get things done," Hensley said. "Even in an anti-incumbency year I think that experience helped."

Myers said he lost because most of the voters in the district were in the Topeka area, where Hensley was well-known and there are many registered Democrats.

Myers said he didn't think he would run for office again.

"But I will continue to be involved in the political process by way of a non-partisan group that I'm associated with, which is called the Informed Voters Alliance, a national group active in 32 states," Myers said. "We're trying to bring attention to those issues we feel are pivotal to the restoration of this country with the spirit and intent of the founding documents."

In the 3rd District Senate race, Tillotson had 8,196 of the votes, beating Democrat Jim Duffin, who had 7,466 and independent candidate Phil Urban, who had 6,866.

"I think we ran a first-rate campaign," Tillotson said today. "I emphasized a number of issues, compared to the other candidates who stayed with one issue. I also spent a lot of time getting acquainted in Jefferson County."

TILLOTSON SAID her campaign strategy to concentrate on the Jefferson County area helped her win.

Urban ran a surprisingly strong race for an independent, and had an early lead in Leavenworth County that stretched well past midnight.

Urban, chairman of the Kansas Taxpayers Coalition and of the Concerned Taxpayers of Leavenworth County, said he probably should have spent more time campaigning in Leavenworth County to build a bigger lead.

"Basically, money and the party won the election," Urban said.

Urban said his downfall was in Jefferson County, where he couldn't seem to hold on to his early lead.

"It was kind of disappointing they weren't more in tune with things," Urban said. "A lot of people were just voting party lines."

Duffin could not be reached Tuesday night or this morning for comment.

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