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November 4, 1992


She ran unopposed, but Douglas County Clerk Patty Jaimes didn't breeze through Tuesday night.

Jaimes was one of three local candidates who were swept into office after appearing alone on the ballot. Douglas County Sheriff Loren Anderson and Sue Neustifter, register of deeds, also won.

But while Anderson was basking in the comfort of winning a sure thing, Jaimes was running the election. And Neustifter was helping.

Jaimes said the task of organizing the vote count has made election night tense regardless of whether she was running for office.

"I'm uptight no matter what," she said.

Jaimes received 32,808 votes, or 98 percent of the ballots, to win her fourth term.

Neustifter was elected to her seventh term after receiving 98 percent, or 32,762 votes. Neustifter was the only Democrat of the county's three unopposed candidates.

Anderson, who was elected by a wide margin in the 1988 general election after winning a Republican primary race by only 300 votes, received 97 percent of the vote 32,826 votes this year.

Asked about his plans for his second term, Anderson said county residents could expect to see completion of an enhanced 911 system soon. An enhanced system would allow a dispatcher to instantly pinpoint the address of callers throughout the county.

He said he also planned to study jail overcrowding, beginning with an on-site assessment scheduled to be conducted soon by the National Institute of Corrections.

He said the agency, which has headquarters in Colorado, would perform a three-day assessment that studies the jail population's makeup and makes recommendations about easing overcrowding. For instance, assessors would determine whether changes could be made in bonding procedures to free space or whether some inmates could be housed elsewhere and monitored electronically.

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