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May 31, 1992


It is hoped many Lawrence residents will use a new city ordinance to help clean up the city and make the community much more attractive.

City officials have OK'd an ordinance that prohibits the parking of vehicles in residential yards. For far too long, residents have been allowed to park cars, trucks and trailers in their yards, off the designed driveway or parking area. In many instances, these situations are not merely a temporary solution to a parking problem but a permanent, ugly eyesore.

"Junkers," cars hoisted up on blocks, cars and trucks being repaired, vehicles with their engines removed and all other types of cars and trucks are parked and often left for weeks or months in a yard area.

It is unsightly and rude to neighbors and detracts from the attractiveness of an area. It also probably lowers the monetary value of homes located adjacent to such a mess.

Now, with the new city ordinance, by which fines can be levied for such situations, it is hoped many local residents will phone the police to let them know about violations.

Some people either don't have any pride in trying to maintain a neat, clean appearance around their homes or they don't mind living in a pigpen environment. Or they don't know better. Whatever the reason, the new city ordinance could help a great deal in cleaning up many residential yards that have turned into ugly junkyards or auto repair lots.

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