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May 19, 1992


City-county planning officials huddled Monday to discuss how to pick teams to lead the Horizon 2020 land-use planning process, which will officially kick off in June.

Members of the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission decided a 15-member steering commitee of area residents and commission members would manage all phases of the project and lead the community in the process.

They also decided on the number of residents who will make up the Horizon 2020 "advisory forum," which will help determine community needs and shape the plan.

Consultants from Trkla, Pettigrew, Allen and Payne, the Chicago firm chosen to guide the community in crafting the plan, on Monday laid out the 15-month process for planning commission members.

Horizon 2020 will replace Plan '95 and the Douglas County Guide Plan as the official manual for managing growth, development and conservation in Douglas County.

THE PLAN will address concerns such as housing, transportation, neighborhood quality, environmental features and the relationship between the community and Kansas University.

The plan should be finished by September 1993, said Phil Hanagraaf, a TPAP consultant.

Planning commission members said they felt the steering committee should include members of the general public as well as planning commission members.

"I think we want to make sure the process is open to the public and that they see this as all happening above board," said Jean Milstead, vice chair of the planning commission.

PLANNERS decided the steering committee would consist of five planning commission members, five area residents appointed by the Lawrence City Commission and five by the Douglas County Commisssion.

Planning commission members serving on the steering committee will be Milstead, Max Entrikin, Bobbie Flory, Phil Bradley and Cynthia Lartigue.

The "advisory forum," which planners see as the primary avenue for public input, would consist of about 200 area residents, also appointed by the city and county commissions.

During the process, forum members would help envision the ideal Douglas County, help create a consensus on issues and needs of the community, and break into smaller groups to examine community issues.

STEERING committee members must be in place before June 19, when the committee and the city and county commissions will meet with consultants to review the scope of the project.

Consultants plan to interview 20 to 30 key people in the community to determine the different issues and problems the community faces.

Consultants also will conduct a "citizen's survey" to determine the concerns of residents.

The first phase will culminate in October when the steering committee and advisory forum meet in a community forum to try to reach a consensus on the community's needs and issues.

Town meetings will be held for the general public at various stages in the process to clarify and shape the plan.

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