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May 12, 1992


Following a recent dry period, the local Kansas River flows have subsided from a peak shortly after Easter.

Butch Laycock, a hydrologic technician for the United States Geological Survey, said the measured river flow today at the Lecompton gauging station was 1,400 cubic feet per second (cfs). The mean reading on April 25 at Lecompton, taken after a period of heavy rainfall in the area, was 7,000 cfs.

Stephen Hill, a representative of the family who runs Bowersock Mills and Power Co. and operates the Bowersock Dam, said the flow at the dam is affected more by rainfall in the river's watershed in northern half of Kansas and the southern half of Nebraska. He said the watershed areas have experienced a "very dry spring" compared to Lawrence's wetter-than-average spring.

"Those areas have not gotten substantial rain, and the wheat crop is in jeopardy," Hill said of the watershed area. "While Lawrence has had nice rainfall, most of Lawrence's (rain) water does not flow over the dam."

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