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May 6, 1992


Kansas will employ four restricted-earnings coaches once NCAA legislation limiting coaching staffs goes into effect on Aug. 1. The four will be assigned to men's basketball, women's basketball, track and field, and baseball.

According to Richard Konzem, KU assistant athletic director for compliance, the restricted-earnings aides for track and field and for women's basketball haven't been determined.

The men's basketball aide will be Matt Doherty, hired Tuesday by head coach Roy Williams. The restricted-earnings baseball aide will be Wilson Kilmer, a full-time member of head coach Dave Bingham's staff since 1987.

Under legislation passed by the NCAA at its 1991 convention, restricted-earnings coaches cannot be paid more than $12,000 from athletic department funds and earn more than $4,000 for working in summer camps.

"IT WAS AN effort to clean up the part-time assistant coach category," Konzem said. "They determined that they were making different amounts of money."

The provisions were also passed at a time when college presidents and athletic directors were focused on cutting costs. Originally, football was included in the restricted-earnings laws, but football was removed from the cutbacks at the 1992 convention.

Attrition will help in some cases. For instance, Williams would have had to drop one coach and retain another as a restricted earnings aide if full-time aides Jerry Green and Mark Turgeon hadn't left for Oregon.

However, KU baseball aide Kilmer is an example of the dark side of the new NCAA law.

Bingham had to decide which of his full-time aides, Kilmer or Brad Hill, to designate as a restricted-earnings coach. Bingham chose Kilmer, effectively cutting his pitching coach's salary in half.

"IT WASN'T based on who was better than the other," Bingham said. "It's just that Brad is our recruiting coordinator, and is a stronger recruiter. But it was an impossible decision. . .one guy has been with me since '78 when he won the national championship game."

Kilmer was the winning pitcher when Emporia State, coached by Bingham, won the NAIA baseball championship in 1978.

It should be noted that the earnings of the four designated coaches at Kansas will not be restricted this summer. In other words, Konzem will not have to monitor how much each is paid for work in camps this summer. He will next summer, however.

At the same time, it should also be noted it will be easy to wink at the new legislation. For example, the new rule does not prohibit the restricted-earnings coach from collecting additional income from other university departments or from outside sources.

"PEOPLE WILL play games with that," Konzem pointed out. "Some will have their coaches employed by the alumni association or by the physical education department."

Kansas, Konzem said, has no current plans to circumvent the intent of the new rules.

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