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March 28, 1992


The Lawrence Humane Society was given the thumbs up this week to allow adoption of about half the animals the shelter acquired after a kennel raid earlier this year in Washington County.

"They are going to need special attention and they're going to need human companionship," Roma Tesch, manager of the Lawrence Humane Society's animal shelter, said Friday.

Tesch said that the shelter will be extremely selective about potential owners, because the dogs haven't had much contact with humans.

Many of the animals don't know what it's like to have an owner, much less a relationship with a human being, she said.

Some of the dogs have personality disorders, such as timidity, but most are friendly and there are no mean dogs, she said.

Nine out of the 15 dogs originally handed over to the shelter in January are up for adoption. Six of the animals were returned to a Clyde woman who claimed she owned the dogs and had leased them to Mike and Kathy McCall who were running the Washington County kennel without a license.

ALREADY TWO of the animals have been adopted.

Tesch said that the shelter waited for approval to put the animals up for adoption for several months and the wait has been difficult.

The dogs have taken up an entire area where stray dogs are usually kept when they wander in from time to time.

To keep the shelter from overcrowding, many dogs had to be put to sleep.

"We had to put more animals to sleep that we otherwise might have put up for adoption," she said.

The Animal Health Department in Topeka had not given approval for any of the dog's adoptions until judicial proceedings had ended for the McCalls. The dogs are no longer needed as evidence in the cases and that paperwork came through to release the dogs for adoption, Tesch said.

FOLLOWING is a description of the dogs available for adoption.

A 3-year-old male German shepherd, "leery" of people, messy and not house broken.

Two 6-month-old female German shepherds, both friendly.

An older female blue and tan doberman pinscher, quiet.

A 3-year-old female golden retriever, quirky, chases her tail for hours at a time.

A 10-year-old female German shepherd, friendly.

Tesch said that the adoption fee is $60. Most of that goes to veterinarian fees that will cover the spaying or neutering of the pet and $10 goes to the shelter for licensing.

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